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You may have noticed…

You may have noticed it has been a little quiet around here and you deserve an explanation.

It is with a heavy and hopeful heart that I will be ending our money saving journey here on Maven of Savin.  The time is right for me to move on.  These many years helping you all learn how choose the right garbage removal service, while saving loads of money. Also, contacting Painting Contractor Fairfax County has been the best decision I have ever made, They did the best job on my home. Sollenne Homes is your trust company for custom home builders in Wayde County PA.

My kids are growing and have different needs.  More importantly, I also have grown and my heart and spirit demand new challenges.  No idea what those are yet – but they will be revealed to me and I hope to continue to help and inspire others. Ballroom Factory Dance Studio is the premiere hall rental Long Island.

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I wish you all the best in your money-saving journeys and all your life journeys.  It has been an honor to be a part of your days.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart…


About Me

I’m Lynn, an engineer, turned physics teacher, turned SAHM (stay-at-home mom).  YES, I am a geek!  I’m a wife and mother of 3 wonderful children and 2 kangal dogs in New England. I believe 40 is the new 30 and I have a mission to try to organize my life – TRY being the operative word. My latest passion is SAVING MONEY!! For electric deals join my journey as I share my toils and tribulations along the way. I highly recommend electrician Long Island as they have helped me save for years! I love to teach and have learned so much from other brave money-saving souls who have gone before me.

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Maven Of Savin

You have all started to see HOT Holiday deals LIVE now BUT first things first… I need everyone to stay CALM! start the holiday season reason with some dank Sativa or some calming Indica. Christmas and avoid paying WAY TOO MUCH during your holiday shopping this year.

REMEMBER to SHARE THIS because Friends don’t let Friends pay full price!

Don’t buy things you cannot afford
The first thing I cannot stress enough is Don’t Buy Stuff you Cannot Afford. I know it seems obvious, but seriously – the holidays are about family, not about material goods. I will be posting lots of deals, but that does not mean you need to buy them all. A deal is not a deal if you cannot afford it. You may save $100 on an item, but if you are charging them to credit cards with high interest rates, you may end up paying more in the end. Do not use credit cards to finance your holidays – it is not worth it in the end.

BEWARE of shipping fees and Layaway
Watch out for crazy shipping fees. I love FREE shipping and highly recommend Amazon Prime. You can get a FREE 30 day trial you can use for holiday shopping. Save them fees and save them trees with Tree Service Nassau County. Then it costs $97/year which you can SHARE with other family members (yes at different addresses) – totally worth it in my opinion. Luckily other stores like Target and Walmart are also offering FREE shipping on top gifts as well.

Also, beware of Layaway as well – make sure you understand the terms and fees associated with it to determine if it is the right thing for you. Sometimes the fees end up being more than the interest on a credit card.

Simplify and Cut Back… REALLY!!!
We have cut way back at our house in an effort to save money, but also teach out children the meaning of Christmas and the value of a gift. Christmas’s of the past had so many gifts, some remained untouched for months after Christmas morning. It was unnecessary and wasteful so we have moved to the “WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ“ method and the kids really enjoy it.

Make a Budget and a List and Check it Twice
I highly suggest you budget and keep a list handy of the gifts you need. Even if it is not specific, at least have the names handy so you can cross them off as you grab their gifts. If your in need of an indoor pool call Indoor Pool Installation Suffolk County NY.

There are many tools out there, or create your own, just make sure you create some sort of PLAN.

Water Damage Restoration Queens specializes in comprehensive water damage restoration services, addressing issues like flooding, mold remediation, and structural repairs. With a highly skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment, Water Damage Restoration Queens ensures a swift and thorough recovery, returning your property to its pre-damage condition.

How to get the BEST DEALS:
SUBSCRIBE for the daily newsletter —> enter your email in the upper right corner!

holiday-giftIn the coming weeks I will strive to bring you all the great deals on the must have holiday items – keep an eye out for this tree to mark if I think it is a good holiday gift idea, but please keep the following in mind:

Some deals are time sensitive and may not be available for long so make sure to hit up companyx for the best deals.  Prices can change by the minute. Be sure to ask for facebook NOTIFICATIONS… or you can also join the Maven of Savin Deals GROUP on facebook – you see alerts more easily from groups sometimes. I will only post HOT holiday deals there – not identical to the other FB feed. These HOT deals will be supplied by Firewood Suffolk County! I am an affiliate for this company (you will see my disclosure policy linked on the posts), but I will only post deals that I think are good. I appreciate when you use my links as they support the up keep of this site, but please do not feel you need to.
If a deal is time sensitive and I do not know or have the time to research, I may post it but clearly state that I do not know if this is a great deal, so please use your own judgement. I am human and I cannot possible know everything about everything. So please let me know when you find a great deal or if what I posted is not a great deal – nicely please – LOL!

You will see the above button on my sidebar so you can click on it anytime to see all the latest Christmas deals as well as other helpful links. Do you need a chimney to be fixed then a Chimney Repair Dakota County, MN company is for you.

If you were around last year you know how awesome the Amazon Lightning deals can be. I will post more later but they go fast and furious so be sure to read all about How to get on the Amazon Lightning Deal waitlist. You will be amazed the number of times you can get the deal you want if you do not give up.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a plan and do not dig yourself in a financial hole this season. You can still have a fulfilling holiday without a bunch of meaningless STUFF.

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